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Macerator RotaCut Grinder

Ana SayfaBiogasMacerator RotaCut Grinder
Ana SayfaBiogasMacerator RotaCut Grinder

Macerator RotaCut In-Line Shredder

The Macerator RotaCut Inline Shredder is designed to completely eliminate the problem of clogging of wastewater pipes and sewer collars. It has a single rotor operating system. There are shredder and grinder blades rotating at high speed on the rotor. The blades continue to shred and grind the wastes that fall into the hopper until they pass through the sieve. It can be produced from stainless steel optionally.

We have inline Shredder productions in various capacities according to customer demand. There is a bypass pipe in our macerators to provide the flow for service and maintenance. It has a long-lasting use with seals that provide superior sealing and pressure resistant. Macerator wastewater grinders are machines that shred sewage wastes in the best way, with high speed and single shaft. The grinder is equipped with an automatic return system to prevent the engine from being overloaded. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously running machines. MT technology enables minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Macerator RotaCut Inline Shredder Applications

      Macerator RotaCut Inline Shredder E-Catalog

      MT Machinery E-Catalog

        Macerator RotaCut Inline Shredder Specifications

      • Wear-resistant four-arm shredding blades
      • Special design sieve system
      • Shredding in desired sizes
      • Superior sealing with packing
      • Stuck return system
      • Production in different capacities
      • Stainless body design (Optional)

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