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Eddy Current Separator

Ana SayfaGarbage SortingEddy Current Separator
Ana SayfaGarbage SortingEddy Current Separator

EddyCurrent Separator

Our Eddy Current Separators is designed to separate non-ferrous metal (diamagnetic), Neutral materials (glass, stone, plastic, wood etc.) and iron parts into completely separate containers. The material is fed onto the eddy current separator conveyor belt and moves on the magnetic rotor until the separation occurs. Separated material is discharged into separate reservoirs. One is metal material waste, the other is non-ferrous metal, and non-metallic materials such as paper, plastic, wood, glass, stone and so on.

Separator measurements and magnet power are designed according to material size, capacity and customer demands. As MT machinery we produce eddy current separators, easy to use, for safe and fast transfer of metals. The size of the separator varies according to the capacity. Band speed can be adjusted from the control panel. Eddy current separator is quickly intervened in service and maintenance. We have air flow magnetic separator production in different capacities and varieties. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously working machines. MT technology provides minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Eddy Current Separator E-Catalog

    MT Machinery E-Catalog


    • Separation of three different materials
    • Separates diamagnetic materials
    • Long-lasting permanent magnet technology
    • Precise and efficient product separation
    • Production at different capacities

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