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Micronized Powder of Pulverizer Machine - MT Makina Geri Dönüşüm Sistemleri

Pulverizer our machine blade systems, should be slashed, plate-shaped and is divided into three different groups, including nested within. The most appropriate according to the material type and capacity are preferred. These systems of mine, ocher, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical products, brass, zinc, gold, silver, slag separation, dyes, pigments, tobacco, wood chips, henna leaves, charcoal, textiles, clams, mussels etc. the grinding of minerals, such as are used in powdered form. almost all non-adhesive material is dry and grind the micron level. MT technology ensures minimum power consumption and maximum performance.

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  • Special alloy steel shredder blades;
  • SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS electrical / electronic equipment;
  • Jam immediately return / stop system;
  • Service / maintenance and ease of installation;
  • Design for job security;
  • Emergency stop buttons;
  • easy to intervene in case of failure;
  • Closed-circuit grinding system;
  • Dismountable milling cutters;
  • Screen; 


  • Swing blade system;
  • plate-shaped blade system;
  • Telescopic blade system;
  • Inverter drive;  


Pulverizer our machine"; Wood Grinder, Tree mill, Rubber mill, Textile mill, Hydrotalcite grinder, Plastic grinder, chipboard mill, Precious Metals Grinder, Grinder Gold, Silver Grinder, Electronic Waste Shredders, as you can safely use.



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