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Manual MSW Sorting

Ana SayfaPlantManual MSW Sorting
Ana SayfaPlantManual MSW Sorting

Manual Garbage MSW Sorting Plant

Manual Waste Sorting Facility is designed with the aim of discharging the garbage to the feeding conveyor and sorting it manually on the sorting conveyor located on the waste separation platform. The extracted materials are thrown down from waste chimneys and stored in chambers. Then the collected materials are transferred to the baling press with the help of a lift and compressed. It is preferred in areas where the capacity is not high and with space problems. We have various production capacities according to customer demand.

As MT, we produce easy-to-use Manual Waste Sorting Plants for recycling of domestic waste. The size of the facility varies according to the capacity. The separation band speed can be adjusted from the control panel. Quick intervention is performed in machine service and maintenance. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously running machines. MT technology enables minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Manual Garbage MSW Sorting Plant Applications

      Manual Garbage MSW Sorting Plant E-Catalog

      MT Machinery E-Catalog

        Manual Garbage MSW Sorting Plant Specifications

      • Adjustable band speed
      • Manual Horizontal Baling Press
      • PETBER Pet Drill
      • Automation system
      • Capacity-appropriate waste chimneys
      • CAMPAR Glass Bottle Crusher
      • Production in different capacities
      • Closed parsing room (Optional)
      • Automatic Horizontal Baling Press (Optional)

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