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Ballistic Separator

Ana SayfaSeparationBallistic Separator
Ana SayfaSeparationBallistic Separator

Ballistic Separator

Ballistic Separator is the best choice for an effective sorting process, with low cost and high availability. It divides the material into three fractions. Separation is done in just one step. The vertical acceleration movement of the pallets mixes the material thoroughly, providing a perfect separation. Ballistic Separator separates the material according to the climbing ability and the erratic ballistic behavior of the components. Rolling and bulky objects, stones, bottles and other hollow materials are subject to the ballistic principle and go to the bottom of the separator (3D). Light and flat material, foils, textiles and papers move upward to the end of the machine (2D), depending on their own climbing abilities. During this process, the light substance is thrown repeatedly. When the materials are spilled on the screen, most of the fine debris (such as moist soil or dust) that adheres to it is removed, resulting in a third fraction.

As MT, we produce easy-to-use Ballistic Separators. Seperator size, sieve selection vary according to capacity and material. Pallet speed can be adjusted from the control panel. Quick intervention is performed in machine service and maintenance. MT technology provides minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Ballistic Separator Applications

      Ballistic Separator E-Catalog

      MT Machinery E-Catalog

        Ballistic Separator Specifications

      • Adjustable pallet speed
      • Powerful fan support
      • Production in different capacities
      • Easy to use and maintain design
      • Long-lived eccentric system

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