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Fluorescent Lamp Crusher

Ana SayfaShredderFluorescent Lamp Crusher
Ana SayfaShredderFluorescent Lamp Crusher

FLOBER Fluorescent Lamp Crusher

FLOBER Fluorescent Lamp Crushing Machine is designed to eliminate toxic gases in fluorescent lamps and other lighting products that are classified as hazardous waste. It has three filter systems. The exhaust outlet gives clean air completely free of toxic gases. The whole system is built on the standard metal barrel cover. When the barrel is full, the operator unlocks the lid, simply attaches the system to the empty barrel and continues to work.

We have FLOBER Fluorescent Lamp Breaking Machine productions in various capacities according to customer demand. It is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In order to obtain an electronic waste recycling license, this system must be in operation. Flober can be used safely in all electronic waste collection centers, recycling facilities and factories with its intense sealing measures. There are three different waste input hoppers. The products you can dispose of with Flober are as follows; You can safely use in fluorescent illuminators, flat fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, household lamps, high-density discharge lamps and low-pressure sodium lamps.

    Flober Fluorescent Lamp Crusher Applications

      Flober Fluorescent Lamp Crusher E-Catalog

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        Flober Fluorescent Lamp Crusher Specifications

      • Wear resistant breaking system
      • Three different lamp inlet containers
      • Three filter systems
      • Powerful vacuum engine
      • Mounting on standard barrel cover
      • Low noise
      • Production in different capacities (Optional)

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