MT Makina offers innovative solutions in accordance with economic and engineering calculations.

MT Makina derives its power from its more than 20 years of experience in the field, its professional staff, and its founder, a mechanical engineer. Based on the principle that recycling is the most important source, our company is united with all its employees as a family. This allows us to grow steadily without compromising honesty and integrity. Our experienced staff is making steady progress towards becoming the best in the industry with modern work areas and an expanding modern machinery park.

MT Makina invests in the necessary human resources, infrastructure, equipment and software technologies to provide its customers with the best solution in the shortest time. It was founded to be a dynamic and original solution partner that constantly evolves and works to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level and increase the value of resources. It operates in all sectors that need manufacturing, production, service, public, food, electricity, electronics, engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Our company produces shredding, crushing, grinding, pressing, and burning machines and recycling facilities. We are proud to serve all sectors related to environmental sensitivity with innovative solutions by reducing the volume of your waste through the technologies we produce and turning it into energy or enabling its reuse.


Our fundamental mission is to be an integral part of the production chain in a rapidly and constantly evolving world. The philosophy of our company is centered on customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, we reach out by signing new works and techniques, constantly following and transferring world technologies. The professional approach we have gained as a result of years of experience and accumulation is one of the distinctive basic qualities of our company. At this point, the MT family name is associated with quality products, customer-centric marketing, after-sales service and continuous development.


As MT, it is our goal to fill the gap in the recycling industry by reaching global standards in speed, quality, and continuous development and responding to the need for these qualities. We aim to be a strong company in international competition, with a focus on quality in both products and services, and with the fastest growth in the sector. With a strong awareness of continuous development, we are making progress towards becoming a leading organization in the industry that follows innovations and technologies, and ensures customer satisfaction at the highest level by imparting a quality and efficient production philosophy to our founding employees and customers.

Board of Directors



Müslim Bağluca has become one of the leading brands in the sector with his company, Mt Machine Recycling Systems Ltd., which he founded.

He decided to enter the recycling sector by founding Mt Machine about 20 years ago, in the early days of the recycling industry.


Hacer Emine Soydan

Hacer Emine Soydan, who has been working in the financial sector for a long time, started working at Mt Machinery after changing sectors.She started as the sales manager and continues as the Deputy General Manager.
Hacer Soydan, who has achieved many successes in the growth trend of the company, is a graduate of Yıldız Technical University.

Our Goals

Environmental Industry, MT Makina with Principled Production Technology