• In the sorting of packaging wastes
• Compact and robust design
• Open or closed sorting platform
• Production in different capacities

For manual sorting applications, Sorting Platform;
The Manual Sorting Platform is an indispensable process in the waste management equipment system. The manual sorting station is mainly used for the parts of the garbage processing line that cannot be separated by the machine, and is usually used to separate large pieces before the tromel screen. Sorting operators carry out waste sorting operations in the large and bright sorting chamber. The separation platform is equipped with good ventilation and air conditioning devices to ensure the separation personnel work in a good working environment.

Overall, the Sorting Platform models are quite flexible. Manual Sorting Platform, Sorting Platform, Manual Sorting Plant, Sorting Plant, Recycling Plant Sorting Line etc. it can be used in many different recycling applications such as.

Sorting Platform advantages;
There is a fresh air ventilation system that can provide clean air, sterilization and negative oxygen conditions in the sorting room. The air outlet of this system is located just above each separation station in the manual separation chamber. In this way, the working environment of the operator will be better.

Manual Sorting Station can be adjusted according to capacity. The sorting operators stands at both ends of the belt conveyor, and the back of the sorting staff is away from the aisle and the wall. The sorted materials are manually thrown into the chimney and fall from there to the lower part of the separation chamber. The bottom can be equipped with a container or basket so that discarded materials fall into this container. This design method increases the distance between the person and the sorted wastes and largely eliminates the effect of the odor emitted by the wastes separated in the traditional design method on human health.

In the middle of the separation chamber, there is a horizontal material conveying conveyor, which is suitable for manual separation. The width of the conveyor can be designed according to the processing volume and is in ideal dimensions that will not affect the sorting effect of the waste.

The separation room is thermally insulated, spacious and bright. It provides a comfortable working environment for the sorting staff. The Separation Chamber is equipped with a series of large and bright glass windows. There are at least two outer doors in the sorting room where the personnel is very busy. The separation platform is produced as a reinforced concrete structure or as a steel platform on which anti-slip pattern plates are laid. Load handling requirements are designed to bear the weight of conveyor equipment, sorters and maintenance personnel.

Manual Sorting Platforms designed for continuous operation;
For workers at the end of the feeding system, quilt, tree stump, long sticks, brick, stones, etc. There is a manual sorting platform where they will collect large solid wastes such as. We design and manufacture manual sorting platforms for all waste recycling plants, which can increase the separation rate and extend the service life.


Separating Platform what are its features?
Number of Chimneys: 2×2 / 2×3 / 2×4 / 2×5 / 2×6 / 2×8 / 2×10/ 2×12 pieces
Platform Type: Open or closed
Sorting Conveyor Width: 800 / 1200 mm
Feed Conveyor: Above Ground, Above Ground
Unloading Basket: Optional
Number of Ladders: 2 pcs