• High quality compost and clean ATY decomposition
• Compact and robust design
• High availability and process stability
• Production in different capacities for needs
• Production in different sheet qualities

Solve your separation applications with our Trommel Screens;
Our Trommel Screens are a rotary screen used to separate materials by size. It is mainly used in solid waste processing industries and mineral processing. Large-size material is separated from small-size material. The drum screen consists of a long cylindrical drum with many holes/openings of the required separation size. The screen holes help sort the material and when the drum rotates, oversized materials flow out from the exit side of the drum, allowing only material smaller than the size of the screen holes to fall.

Our Rotary Drums have capacities in the range of 10-50 tons per hour. Our Trommel rotary screens are extremely robust, easy to use and highly efficient at separating municipal solid waste, soil, compost and other materials. Optimum separation, robust components, easy drum screen replacement backed by MT’s world-class service make our Trommel Screens a versatile solution for managing waste.

Overall, Trommel Screen, Rotary Drum Screen, Rotary Screen, Drum Screen etc. it can be used in many more different recycling applications such as.

Trommel Screen advantages;
Our Rotary Drum Screens are highly efficient and easy to maintain. They can process a wide variety of materials and easily sift compressed materials. Trommel Screen causes less noise and is more mechanically robust. The Rotary Drum Screen can be easily installed near the solid waste material source. It is built to handle a wide variety of capacities from a single machine up to 50 tons per hour.

Trommel Screens designed for continuous operation;
Our Trommel Screens have mouths of different sizes to allow any recyclable material or residue to be screened and transported by the belt conveyor for further processing.

It is completely designed and manufactured in our plant. While they are designed for very intensive use, they are equipped with the highest quality components that allow for a significant reduction in maintenance. All of our Trommel Screens are the result of experience and the best technology and design.


What are the features of Trommel Screen?
Required Powers: 11 / 15 / 22 / 2×11 / 2×15 / 2×22 kW
Screen Diameters: Ø 800 / Ø 1000 / Ø 1200 / Ø 1600 / Ø 2200 mm
Screen Lengths: 4000 / 5000 / 6000 / 7000 / 10000 / 15000 mm
Drive System: With wheel shaft
Screen Type: Changeable / Fixed
Screen Sheet Quality: ST37 / ST52 / Hardox
Rotary Cleaning Brush: Optional
Conveyors: Optional