• Solid construction with fire concrete
• Heat insulation with ceramic fiber
• High combustion efficiency
• Robust strong construction
• Can be designed for any local or international regulation such as EPA, EU 2000/76/EC (or 2010/75/EU)

Garbage Incinerator for garbage disposal applications;
Our Garbage Incinerator can incinerate different types of waste, such as municipal waste, recyclable waste, organic, inorganic waste, commercial waste, construction waste, demolition waste, food waste, hotel waste, sludge waste. The waste incinerator can be adapted to the purpose.

It is designed as a double combustion chamber to be used in the disposal of garbage wastes. The temperature of our furnace rises up to 1100 ° C and completes the burning process. The incinerator, designed by our engineers considering human safety, is manufactured to be resistant to high temperatures. The Garbage Incinerator has drying, cooking and curing features and is controlled by a PLC control system. Its temperature can be controlled with a thermocouple. Natural gas or fuel oil is optionally used as fuel in the Municipal Waste Incinerator. Hazardous particles released during combustion are eliminated by passing through the second combustion chamber. Quick intervention is performed in machine service and maintenance. We have incinerator productions in different capacities. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for machines that run continuously. MT technology enables minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

Incineration is used to reduce the volume of municipal waste that can be sent to landfills. MT manufactures incineration systems for the treatment of municipal waste, operating on the principle of waste-to-energy approach.

• Temperature up to 800-1000 C° in the primary combustion chamber.
• Temperature up to 850-1100 C° in the secondary combustion chamber.
• 2 second gas holding time