• Solid construction with fire concrete
• Heat insulation with ceramic fiber
• High combustion efficiency
• Robust strong construction
• Can be designed for any local or international regulation such as EPA, EU 2000/76/EC (or 2010/75/EU)

For medical waste disposal applications, Medical Waste Incinerator;
Medical Waste Incinerator, hospitals, clinics, dentists, laboratory wastes, industrial wastes, urban wastes, infection epidemic solutions, hospital wastes, medical wastes, pathological wastes, biomedical wastes, biohazardous wastes, needle wastes, scalpel wastes for safe disposal is used for. Medical waste incinerators are used to eliminate viral outbreaks such as the corona virus (COVID-19). The Incinerator eliminates other viruses, including Corona.

• Temperature up to 1000 C° in the primary combustion chamber.
• Temperature up to 1100 C° in the secondary combustion chamber.
• 2 second gas holding time

All Medical Wastes;
Needles, infusion sets, knives, glass, materials and drugs used to prepare anti-cancer chemotherapy, cytostatic drugs, genotoxic chemical wastes, laboratory reagents, disinfectants, circulation bottles, boxes, pharmaceutical wastes, Radiotherapy, glassware, absorbent paper, unused urine liquids, low-level radioactive waste, laboratory cultures, waste from isolation wards, feces, materials in contact with infected patients, waste containing pathogens, infectious waste, protective clothing, surgical gowns, as well as sheets and linens used by COVID-19 patients, from healthcare all medical wastes.