• Solid construction with fire concrete
• Heat insulation with ceramic fiber
• High combustion efficiency
• Robust strong construction
• Can be designed for any local or international regulation such as EPA, EU 2000/76/EC (or 2010/75/EU)

Mobile Incinerator;
We manufacture Mobile Incinerators designed to meet your exact needs. Our mobile incinerators are suitable for a range of emergencies such as animal deaths from disease outbreaks and disaster relief to prevent the spread of epidemics such as covid19 or bird flu.

Smaller incinerators can be delivered fully assembled on a trailer with all the necessary equipment to complete complete disposal in an emergency or in remote locations. All small units come with a generator for fuel supply and a turnkey system. They can be fully operational within minutes of arriving on site.

Larger models can be supplied as truck-mounted systems, containerized or hook-lift platforms. Larger mobile incinerators are easy to install and can be up and running quickly thanks to their modular construction.

In general, Mobile Incinerator models are quite flexible. Mobile Medical Waste Incinerator, Mobile Animal Incinerator, Mobile Garbage Incinerator etc. it can be used in many different mobile incineration applications such as.

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