• Patented unique blade design
• Double-deck shredding system (Optional)
• Long maintenance intervals
• Horizontal shredding advantage
• Feeding conveyor in desired lengths
• Easily replaceable cutting blades

For animal feed applications, Animal Feed Production Plant;
Dates are a miraculous fruit that contains almost all the nutrients that humans need. It contains protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, fiber, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9-Folic Acid, Niacin, C, D, K) and minerals (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Phosphorus, Sodium , Sulfur, Iron, Chlorine, zinc, copper, manganese, fluorine, iodine), oxytocin hormone and organic acids. Dates provide twice the calories of the same amount of red meat and three times as many as fish. It is a complete energy source. It is beneficial to the digestive system thanks to the dense fiber it contains compared to other fruits. Just as dates are very useful for humans, the branches where the date grows are just as beneficial and effective for animals. Thanks to the vitamins it has taken, the life of an animal that eats palm branches is extended, its milk quality increases and its manure becomes more efficient.

In our Animal Feed Production Plant, wet or dry palm branches, which are difficult and almost impossible to break, are easily shredded in TSY Wood Chipper. There are two different types of operation in the plant, the bale option and the silage option. After the green palm branches are shredded, they are sent to our mixer machine by means of conveyors and spirals, and corn stalk and palm branches are mixed. When the process is completed, the lid is opened and the mixed final product is sent to our Monster Silage Packing Machine and the silage process begins. When the silage reaches the desired size and weight, the press cover is opened and then the silage wrapping process is completed and the cycle starts again.

When dry palm branches are shredded in TSY Series Tree Shredder, bale option is selected. Smashed dry palm branches are sent to YBS Straw Bale Press by means of conveyors and spirals. The operator attaches a cloth or plastic bag to the bale outlet chute. The press pushes the compressed dried palm branches out of this chimney and ensures that they are filled into the bag. MT’s wide range of applications is impressive and almost inexhaustible.

Overall, Animal Feed Production Plant models are quite flexible. Palm Branch Shredder Plant, Corn Straw Shredder Plant, Corn Straw Silage Packing Plant, Date Branch Silage Packing Plant, Animal Feed Production Line, Wood Shredder Plant, Straw Bale Press, Grass Bale Press, Horizontal Wood Chipper, Silage Packing Machine, Feed Mixer etc. it can be used in many different recycling applications such as.

Animal Feed Production Plant advantages;
The machines in our entire plant have interchangeable parts. Tools and tools selected according to the application type can be easily changed in a very short time. Another outstanding feature of the plant is that the entire line can be controlled fully automatically or manually from a single touch control panel.

The concept of the machines in our Animal Feed Production Plant is extraordinary. For you, this means high productivity, high profitability and tremendous flexibility. They provide minimum operating cost at maximum performance. Our Animal Feed Production Plant is a powerful workforce used to break up dry and wet date palm branches, corn stalks and produce animal feed. The possibility of single-stage or two-stage processing in a single frame makes this machine particularly efficient and economical.

Animal Feed Production Facilities designed for continuous operation;
It is an excellent machine for grinding, baling and packing silage of fibrous palm branch (wet or dry) waste, which is very difficult to shred in different capacities. You can easily shred palm tree and date palm branches that no other machine can shred without needing to burn them. Our Animal Feed Production Plant provides superior performance while minimizing your energy requirements.


What are the features of the Animal Feed Production Plant?
Total Required Power: 350 kW
Crusher: TSY Horizontal Shredder
Mixer: Available
Bale Press: Straw Bale Press
Silage Packing: Monster Silage Packing Machine
Capacity: 5-10 t/h
Waste: Date palm, corn stalk