• Recycling of PET, PE, PP, HDPE bottles
• Production in different capacities
• Compact and robust design
• Production in different capacities
• Energy efficient design for low operating costs
• Robust, durable construction for demanding applications

For PET recycling applications, PET Recycling Plant;
Our company has designed a high quality waste pet bottle washing recycling line specially used for recycling, grinding and cleaning waste plastic bottles (PET, PE, PP and HDPE bottles). The most common applications of plastic bottles are PET plastic bottles, milk, food containers, detergent containers, motor oil containers, shampoo, etc. such as PE, PP bottles. PE is also used for PET bottle caps. Plastic packaging washing recycling line consists of pre-washing, bale opener, crushing, friction washing, flotation dipping, vertical centrifugal squeezing, drying and label dust removal.

Due to fast living conditions, the use of plastic bottles and plastic packaging is constantly increasing. It is not right to leave these materials as waste in nature or as municipal waste. Thanks to the established plastic recycling facilities, these wastes are offered to people again. As MT, we offer professional solutions for your recycling line and plant needs. We protect nature and sustainable resources with advanced technology machines in PET Recycling Lines.

Overall, PET Recycling Plant models are quite flexible. PET Bottle Recycling Plant, PET Washing Line, Plastic Bottle Recycling Plant, Plastic Bottle Recycling Line, Plastic Bottle Washing Line, HDPE Recycling Plant, PP Recycling Plant, PE Recycling Plant etc. It can be used in many different recycling applications such as.

Pet Recycling Plant working principle;
Conveyors ensure that waste is transported throughout the plant from raw material entry to exit. The Pre-Washing Unit separates the dirt such as sand and soil on the PET bottles or packaging materials from the caps and labels. In addition, it enables other machines to work more efficiently in the recycling line and increase the quality of burrs. The Bale Opener quickly separates the baled pet bottles that will enter the pet washing line, making the processes in the line faster and more efficient.

Wet plastic crushing machine brings the plastic waste entering the system to the desired dimensions. Smaller particles are much easier to clean and a quality burr material is produced. It is easily cleaned when processing different colors and different plastic materials. The friction washing unit washes the dirty materials at high speed with the effect of horizontal centrifuge. High quality burrs are obtained by providing a deep cleaning with the resulting fraction.

The flotation immersion tank unit separates and cleans the waste materials used according to their specific mass. The vertical centrifugal squeezing unit dewaters the washed materials. At high speed, the moisture content of waste materials is reduced. In this way, the efficiency of the machines increases and the drying unit consumes less energy.

The drying unit quickly and effectively dries the waste material burrs from the vertical centrifuge. It works by drawing the ambient air and heating it up to a certain temperature. With the help of the hot air flow, the moisture of the burr material decreases and evaporates. The label and dust separation unit separates the different substances and dusts in the dried pet particles with the help of air.

Pet Recycling Facilities designed for continuous operation;
Plastic PET Bottle Recycling Line is the ideal solution for your PET recycling project. Our PET bottle washing recycling line is used to clean, recycle and reprocess PET bottles. Our company can design and produce PET bottle plastic washing line in different capacities according to customer needs.


What are the Pet Recycling Plant features?
PET Pre-washing machine
Bale opening machine
Plastic crushing machine
Friction PET washing machine
Flotation dipping machine
Vertical centrifugal spin machine
PET dryer
Label dust extraction machine