• Allowing high recovery of raw materials
• Obtaining high quality waste
• Achieving maximum performance with high technology
• Designing according to the amount of waste to be processed and waste selection
• Minimum utilization of manpower
• Lower operating and labor costs per ton

Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Garbage Sorting Plant for domestic waste separation applications;
Garbage Sorting Plant generally refers to the plant that separates different wastes according to certain regulations or standards. The purpose of classification is to increase the resource value and economic value of the garbage and to try to make the most of the materials.

Garbage Sorting Plant can receive separated recycling materials from municipal solid waste such as glass, metal, aluminum, plastic, paper. It is classified according to material properties, then shredded, compressed, compressed in our horizontal bale presses to be sold in the market.

Overall, Garbage Sorting Plant (MSW) models are quite flexible. Manual Garbage Sorting Plant, Semi-Automatic Garbage Sorting Plant, Automatic Garbage Sorting Plant, Trash Back It can be used in many different recycling applications such as Recycling Plant, Domestic Waste Recycling Plant, Domestic Solid Waste Recycling Plant.

How does the Garbage Sorting Plant (MSW) work?
Using the Garbage Sorting Plant guide, you can learn about the working principle of the waste sorting plant. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is collected at a garbage transfer station. In the waste sorting plant, it is necessary to manually pre-segregate large pieces of garbage. With Trommel Rotary Screen, organic wastes and inorganic wastes are separated. Ferrous metals are recycled with magnetic separator. Non-ferrous metals are separated with Eddy Current Separator. Using an air separator, light waste is separated from inert waste. Optical separator is used to further classify recyclable waste such as plastic, paper, glass. Of course, in our Garbage Sorting Plant, we also use other equipment to separate waste. The principle and purpose of garbage sorting is to recycle, reduce its volume and render it harmless.

Benefits of sorting garbage waste;
With the separation of garbage, useful materials such as paper, plastic, rubber, glass, bottles, cans, metal, household appliances are recycled and reused, and wastes are turned into treasure. It not only improves the level of use of garbage resources, but also reduces the amount of garbage disposal. It is an important way and tool to reduce garbage and ensure resource use.

Organic wastes are fermented by composting and turned into fertilizer for agricultural land and greening. Inorganic wastes with no recycling value are subjected to regular storage, while wastes with high thermal value are used as fuel in incinerators.


What are the features of the Garbage Sorting Plant?
Fully Automatic Garbage Sorting Plant (MSW)
Semi-Automatic Garbage Sorting Plant (MSW)
Manual Garbage Sorting Plant (MSW)
PA Bag Opening Machine
TE Trommel Rotary Screen
Parsing Platform
Eddy Current Separator
Ballistic Separator
MS Magnetic Metal Separator
EMS Electromagnetic Metal Separator
Optical Sorting
YB Horizontal Baling Press
Capacities: 100-300-500 t/g
Production in different capacities