• Compact and robust design
• Compression from many points
• Powerful compression system
• Uninterrupted operation with continuous feeding
• Controllable with PLC

For pressing your bulky metal waste, MB Metal Baling Presses;
Hydraulic scrap metal baler is a machine for compacting or crushing different types of metal scrap in a compact and manageable way. It is an essential tool in the recycling industry as it helps to reduce the volume of waste metal materials and thus facilitates storage, transportation and recycling. It is easy to use and the whole process takes a short time to complete.

Overall, the Metal Bale Press models are quite flexible. Scrap Metal Baling Press, Scrap Press, Scrap Metal Press Machine, Scrap Iron Press, Metal Baling Press, Metal Balers, Metal Baling, Aluminum Scrap Press, Aluminum Press Machine and Metal Scrap Baler etc. it can be used in many different recycling applications.

Advantages of MB Metal Baling Presses;
It comes with a variety of safety features, including emergency stop buttons and sensors that prevent unexpected accidents. Maintenance is usually minimal and reduces operating cost. Different sizes and models are available for pressing various types of metal scrap. A scrap metal baler is designed to withstand the harsh working conditions of the recycling industry and is made of robust materials. MT is a direct manufacturer of hydraulic scrap metal baler for many years.

Scrap Metal Baler is used to compress scrap metal and waste material to form dense blocks. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be compressed by our hydraulic baling press to increase the scrap density. It reduces storage and transportation costs and facilitates melting and storage in the furnace. Scrap metal baling presses exert enormous forces. Turns the strongest metal scraps into a small, compact cube. The powerful hydraulic unit provides a significant reduction in volume or increase in density. It provides logistical and economic advantages in terms of transportation and further processing.

Scrap metal balers designed for continuous operation;
We are manufacturer of hydraulic scrap metal baler. Whether it’s small steel tools or large, bulky cars, our hydraulic baling press machines can process metal scrap of any size. We use high-quality materials to create long-lasting and robust balers.

We manufacture a highly advanced semi-automatic and automatic scrap baling press that will save you time, manual labor and reduce overall operating costs. We manufacture balers based on customers’ unique metal scrap management needs. The type of scrap, the amount to be baled and the productivity required are all taken into account. We serve a wide range of customers, including scrap warehouses, rolling mills, furnaces and smelters, and larger production units that produce metal scrap. Whether steel, copper, zinc, iron, stainless steel, aluminum or other metal alloys, we guarantee the best results with our machines.


What are the features that distinguish MB120/150/250 Metal Baling Presses from each other?


Press Power: 120 tons
Required Power: 75 kW
Bale Size: 200×200 mm
Bale Weight: 10-30 kg


Press Power: 150 tons
Required Power: 2×55 kW
Bale Size: 300×300 mm
Bale Weight: 80-100 kg


Press Power: 200 tons
Required Power: 2×90 kW
Bale Size: 400×400 mm
Bale Weight: 250-300 kg