• Corn, date palm, palm, etc. packaging of plants such as
• Bale compaction
• Bale netting
• Bale stretching
• Automatic bale weight adjustment
• Spare parts availability
• Robust, durable construction

For silage packaging applications, SILAGE PACKAGING MACHINE;
Corn, sorghum, triticale, sunflower, alfalfa etc. Forage crops such as these are harvested at a humidity level of 60-70%. After the harvest is shredded in 20-40 mm dimensions, it is compressed and stored in closed environments without air passage. The resulting juicy, delicious, nutritious and economical roughage silage is obtained as a result of their fermentation by the lactic acid bacteria. Since the products buried in the silage pit deteriorate, minimum product loss is achieved thanks to the packaging.

What are the features of SILAGE PACKAGING MACHINE?
– Feed maintains the freshness of the first day
– Silage can be stored for a long time without spoiling
– It is economical
– It can be stored in all weather conditions, regardless of climatic conditions.
– Easily transportable
– Reduces labor cost
– Provides environmentally friendly and clean storage
– Offers advanced logistics, containment and storage
– Saves space with high degree of compression


Our Monster Silage Packing Machines perform feeding, baling, netting and stretch wrapping processes fully automatically. Production parameters such as bale density, stretch and net wrapping number, feeding speed are adjusted from the control panel of the machine from the PLC control panel, according to the product to be packed. Thanks to its easy loading and folding hopper, it allows the material to be fed to the machine easily without requiring much labor. The speed-adjustable conveyor transfers the materials to the press chamber, mixes them and protects the blockages in the press chamber feeding area. Press chamber provides optimum pressure with rubber band. The net wrapping unit completely covers the bale with net and ensures that it does not fall apart. The material recycling conveyor transfers the materials falling from the press room or bale back to the press room. The lower conveyor belt carries the bale from the bale chamber to the stretch wrap unit. During this time, the press chamber cover closes and begins to compress the new bale. The double-arm stretch film wrapping unit provides optimum wrapping to protect materials from external factors. According to the demand, it can be mixed with the feed mixer beforehand.

What are the benefits of silage?

Silage is a juicy, delicious and nutritious roughage, and it meets the need for feed, especially in farms where animals are kept indoors during the winter months. When green fodder is made into silage, lactic acid is formed in the silage, and animals consume it fondly thanks to its smell, aroma and taste. A noticeable increase is achieved in the meat and milk yields of animals fed with silage. Between 700-1.000 kg of silage can be stored in 1 m3 volume.