• Maximum flexibility
• Can be used for different materials
• Compact and robust design
• Fast rotor change
• Easy and fast cleaning of the cutting chamber
• Resistant to foreign objects
• Low wear costs and long service life
• Service and maintenance friendly

Industrial CSM Mobile Shredders designed for continuous operation;
The robust and flexible structure of the CSM Series Mobile Solid Waste Shredder is designed for continuous multi-shift operation. Its quick-change rotor system and simple design guarantee high plant availability. The powerful, slow-running and crushing cutting system is highly resistant to foreign matter and provides excellent material preparation for sorting plants. Therefore, the Mobile Solid Waste Shredder is perfectly configured for volume reduction or the production of substitute fuels. The durability and performance of the CSM Series Dual Shaft Mobile Solid Waste Shredder provides an economically reliable power package. The CSM Mobile Shredder is the most economical double shaft mobile shredder with the lowest maintenance cost in its class.

CSM Mobile Solid Waste Shredder advantages;
Overall, the CSM Mobile Solid Waste Shredder models are quite flexible. Domestic waste shredding machine, bulking solid waste shredding machine, commercial and industrial solid waste shredding machine, wood shredding machine, textile waste shredding machine, construction waste shredding machine, traverse shredding machine, scrap metal shredding machine, green waste shredding machine, pallet shredding machine, It can be used in many more different recycling applications such as tire shredder, branch shredder and bale shredder. The purpose of shredding is to reduce volume, produce RDF and shrink material for further processing steps. Application sectors of this type of cutting system include cement plants, recycling plants, separation and waste disposal facilities, RDF power plants, waste incineration plants and biomass power plants.


What are the features of
CSM Mobile Double Shaft Solid Waste Shredder?


Number of Shafts: 2
Drive: Diesel Engine, Generator
Hydro motor: Available
Required Powers: 2×132 / 2×200 kW
Rotor Length: 1500-2000 mm
Output Dimensions: 0-300 mm
Gearbox: Planetary type
Rotor: Easily replaceable design
Transport: with tow truck