• HDD, USB Disk, CD, PCB Circuit Board etc. for data destruction
• Compact and robust design
• Data destruction at desired security levels
• In-office use with low noise level
• Production in different capacities

DATABER HDD, USB, PCB Circuit Board Shredder for secure data destruction;
Our company, which is specialized in shredding, has produced the highest quality data destruction machines with their extraordinary reliability for hard disk, usb disk, cd, pcb circuit boards that carry important data. DATABER Series shredders have been tried, tested and matured under harsh conditions in data destruction. It stands out for its compact and robust design, high availability and safe destruction stability, as well as low noise.

Advantages of DATABER HDD, USB, PCB Circuit Board Shredder;
DATABER Series HDD, PCB electronic circuit board shredding machines are modular in concept. Powerful, high-efficiency shredders with a robust structure come to the fore with continuous operation. Unlike fast-running systems, the hard disk, pcb circuit board data destruction machine is particularly resistant to foreign objects. If a cutting blade hits a foreign object, the machine will immediately stop and reverse. It prevents the shredding machine blades from being damaged. The automation system allows for frequent reversing, which is especially useful when shredding down problematic materials.

DATABER Data Shredders designed for continuous operation;
Overall, DATABER HDD Shredder models are quite flexible. It can be used in many different recycling applications such as hard disk shredder, USB disk shredder, CD-ROM shredder, motherboard shredder, electronic circuit board shredder, and PCB circuit board shredder. The Databer HDD Shredder, can optionally be equipped with augers, customized hoppers, conveyors, barcode readers, camera systems and plc automation technologies. Our engineers are happy to design a configuration for your requirement. We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions from the manufacturer!


What are the features that distinguish the Databer HDD Shredders Series from each other?


Required Powers: 4 kW
Shredding Area: 150 mm
Output Dimensions: 40 mm
Stage: Single stage
Feeding: Manual
Emptying: Into the hopper


Required Powers: 2×15 kW
Rotor Length: 400 mm
Output Dimensions: 325 mm2
Stage: Dual stage
PCB Board Feeding: Manual
HDD Feeding: With Conveyor (Optional)
Discharge: Conveyor into the hopper